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Elation Lighting Inc. is a privately held corporation established in 1992 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. All products are developed and engineered in the USA with sales and support office locations in the US, Mexico, and Europe, and distribution via a worldwide dealer network.


Elation offers the stage lighting industry the most complete toolbox of conventional and intelligent LED lighting, video, and atmospheric effect products specifically designed for the Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental, Production, Studio, Broadcast, House of Worship, Corporate AV, Exhibition, Night Club, Leisure, Theme Park, and Cruise Ship markets.


Elation’s ground-breaking, award winning, and patent-pending hybrid optical systems stand amongst the top brands in the professional lighting and video market. Innovative products like the Proteus™ series of IP65-rated outdoor moving heads, the Smarty™ series of FLEX lamp technology moving heads, the Artiste™ line of creative LED moving heads, and the Fuze™ series of dynamic wash, spot, and profile LED lights, are increasingly specified by lighting designers around the globe and continue to set new efficiency and performance standards in the industry.

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Since its founding in 1981, Main Light has established itself as a preeminent dry hire rental partner to professional production companies worldwide. Providing trusted backup to clients looking for today’s top lighting and special effects technologies. Offering reliable, well-maintained equipment from the leading live entertainment technology manufacturers, Main Light’s extensive inventory is continually being balanced to ensure it meets the needs of our clients… and yours. Our knowledgeable and experienced team are always available to answer questions and offer expert advice. Customer Service is our highest priority and we pride ourselves on its unmatched quality. We know that you work to exceed your client’s expectations so we work to exceed yours. Main Light's operations are based in Wilmington, DE, Teterboro, NJ, Nashville, TN, and Las Vegas, NV. The company has matched inventories of well-maintained equipment, as well as a high level of customer service. With a 60,000-square-foot shop in Wilmington, DE, and Teterboro, NJ, a 70,000-square-foot shop in Nashville, TN, and a 40,000-square-foot shop in Las Vegas, NV, Main Light has the space to focus on the details. This includes properly testing, maintaining, and prepping orders to ensure the accuracy of every rental package. Main Light’s well-deserved impeccable reputation of 40+ years’ service assures that every client will always get outstanding, responsive customer service and reliable, high-quality equipment.


ACT Entertainment supplies top tier manufacturers products across 6 end markets and provides full service and support as well as education and training.

ACT Entertainment is North America's leading supplier of the Entertainment industry's principal products to professionals across 6 different end markets. Including Professional Lighting fixtures and Lighting control equipment, Audio, Video, Fiber, and Power distribution, cables, connectivity, metalwork, custom manufacturing and design. With ACT Entertainment, you get the industry's top performance products, as well as service, education, and engineering support to bring every entertainment professional concept to reality.


Stratum understands that successful events hinge on flawless execution. With years of experience in the audiovisual industry, Stratum Productions specializes in providing event planners with cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly blend technology and creativity. 

From intimate boardroom meetings to sprawling conventions, they're committed to delivering experiences that resonate and leave a lasting impact on audiences of all sizes.

Stratum Productions truly do stand out above the rest when it comes to event production. To learn more about what Stratum does and who they are as a company.


AVL Media Group is one of the leading distributors of professional audio, video, and lighting equipment in North America. Initially established in 1996 by Founder and CEO Stephen Kosters after seeing an opportunity to inject a sense of genuine passion into the distribution process, the company has grown to be the proud home of many of the key brands in the industry, including Midas, Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, Klark Teknik, Turbosound, Spotlight, Zero-Ohm Systems and more. For Kosters, AVL was the natural culmination of a life in the ‘rock n’ roll’ business driven by a love of music matched with a genuine desire to creatively explore all the elements that make live events possible.


ROE Visual is dedicated to making the best LED display platforms. Not just any LED panel, but the best. Carefully selected high-end components, the latest technology, in-depth knowledge and a lot of passion go into our LED products. Being familiar with the challenges of our market, we offer the best possible solution for the creatives, designers, technicians that rely on our products for a flawless installation, shoot or performance. Day-in, day-out.


RZI Lighting has been the trusted local source for all your lighting needs in New Orleans for 25 years. We offer top brands and equipment, including rigging, staging, automated lighting, special effects, and more. Our on-site staff is skilled in repairing lighting equipment, and we have a wide inventory of new and pre-owned gear. Count on RZI for exceptional event production solutions. Need consumables like gel, gaff tape, or fluid? We've got you covered at our fully stocked physical store. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist with all your audio, visual, and stagehand needs. Choose RZI for the best lighting solutions in New Orleans, where we've been illuminating events since 1999.

317809560_519717790200887_3561966069522436363_n.jpg® was brought to life in October of 2002 by industry vet, Marcel Fairbairn. Since that time,® has sold more used production gear than anyone through its unique “Two Sided Marketplace”, meaning a place that is equally connected to its sellers and its buyers. The company’s global user-base is made up of professional production/rental companies, resellers and end-users from all segments of live production and entertainment technology. On both sides, users are both buyers and sellers via this unique and dynamic platform. By growing®, the company has delivered on its promise to clean up the process of re-marketing Production gear while creating a safe and efficient Global Marketplace, catering exclusively to professional entertainment gear markets. GearSource has also become a 100% remote-based company, giving us access to a global pool of talent and allowing us to build a quality team to assist our Buyers and Sellers.

GearSource has once again begun the huge project of rebuilding our platform into a single global marketplace, with strong payment management, tax compliance and advanced security and compliance measures.

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The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) works tirelessly to advance the culture of safety across the event industry on behalf of audiences, artists, and those who do the hard work on their behalf. 


The Event Safety Alliance focuses on the knowledge, behaviors, and guidance that provide the ability to plan and respond consistently, empowering event professionals of all stripes to identify and mitigate risks. ESA education, training, standards & guidance, and thought leadership is helping to shape safety at live events for this generation and the next.

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Koffee Kult's founder began the quest for a better cup of coffee. They believed that roasting their own coffee would be the only way to get better coffee in their cup. After a long quest of finding a coffee roaster and sourcing coffee beans, our first batch of roasted coffee dropped into the roaster cooling bin in early 2012.

Back in 2012 roasting coffee was merely a hobby. There was no need for a business name at the time as it was just to roast better coffee for our founder.

However, sharing roasted beans with our friends and family sparked a demand for more coffee. Soon friends of the founder's friends were offering money in order to get a bag of freshly roasted coffee. This lead to Center Stage Coffee being formed as it was required to open a business and banking account.

Though we have grown as a company, our commitment to sourcing the best coffee beans for the best cup of coffee remains the same.

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