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What people are saying...

Eric Loader / Elation

This show is Great! I listen every week on my treadmill and find it quite enjoyable. I’ve actually learned something too!!   

David Milly / TLS / 4-Wall

Keep it up, you guys really have something here  

John Wiseman / PRG

  • Really happy to see you’ve come up with this. I think it’s got great value to the industry and you’ll be very successful  

Ben Balchin / GSE

What great stories of music, production and rock and roll. I would 100% recommend listening to this   

Seth Jackson / LD

Just getting into it while I work out... aside from the parts where I lose my stride from laughing so hard, I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Keep it up guys.  Our crazy little business has a great history that needs to be remembered.... well, most of it   

Todd Roberts / formerly Visions Lighting

I think your podcasts are amazing. I must have been living under a rock to not know about them. I had lunch with a friend on Friday and he turned me onto Geezers of Gear. I have been binge listening all weekend. Thanks and keep up the good work   

Become a guest

  1. Are you interesting? 

  2. Do you have some great stories that our listeners will laugh, cry or learn from?

  3. Have you been in the sound, lighting, video or staging business for ages? 

  4. Do you have a business or career that could use some promotion? Our guests have been enjoying boosts in their stock once on the show. It’s true!! 

  5. We currently record every Wednesday and Thursday (and can make exceptions to meet less flexible schedules)

  6. The show is recorded (not live) and is very low stress, casual and FUN! 


Be Heard (not herd… get it?)

Contact: for more information

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